Flash flood watch for most of SE Wisconsin through 7 a.m. Saturday

‘Came in real fast:’ Storms turn fairway into rough at Paganica Golf Club in Oconomowoc

OCONOMOWOC -- The Paganica Golf Club in Oconomowoc was hit hard by strong to severe storms that pushed through beginning Sunday, Aug. 26. There was no playing on Monday for the club's grounds crew.

Paganica Golf Club

Glenn Miller

"It came in real fast. It was heavy rain, and there was about 30 seconds of just loud wind noises," said Glenn Miller, greens superintendent.

The wind and rain on Sunday night made for a rough Monday morning.

"Right away, I knew it was the worst I've ever seen out here," said Miller.

The storm hit the 18-hole course hard. Miller surveyed the damage on Monday, pointing out uprooted trees, branches ripped off at the base, a smashed porta potty and more.

Paganica Golf Club storm damage -- Oconomowoc

"I'm in front of part of the flat roof of our storage building," said Miller.

Nearly a dozen workers and a handful of loyal golfers spent the morning cleaning up the fairway that turned into a rough overnight.

Paganica Golf Club storm damage -- Oconomowoc

"I've seen a lot of storms, a lot of wind damage, but this is definitely by far the worst we've had," said Todd Trausenecker, Paganica Golf Club.

Thankfully, crews said all of the damage was fixable.

Paganica Golf Club storm damage -- Oconomowoc

Trausenecker had a positive outlook.

"This hole might play a little bit easier now for most players," said Trausenecker.

Paganica Golf Club storm damage -- Oconomowoc

The club's manager said the front nine would be open Monday night for a function as planned. The manager said the goal was to have the back nine open and ready for tee-off by Tuesday afternoon.

Paganica Golf Club storm damage -- Oconomowoc

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch set to take effect at 1 a.m. Tuesday for parts of southeast Wisconsin, including Waukesha County, which includes Oconomowoc.

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