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‘They need healing:’ Family of Milwaukee man shot, killed share message of pain & anger

MILWAUKEE -- One month from the day he was killed, the family of a slain Milwaukee man took to the streets with a message for the community.

Through prayers and perseverance -- family and friends of Otis E. Jones are seeking guidance and answers after his brutal death.

"They want justice, they need healing," said Rachel Campbell, the victim's loved one.

Taking to the streets Saturday morning, Sept. 1, the group let residents hear their cries of pain and anger.

"The family feels injustice has been done," said Campbell.

On Aug. 1, Jones was gunned down near 104th and Jonen while taking his dog for walk.

Homicide at 104th & Jonen, Milwaukee

Homicide at 104th & Jonen, Milwaukee

"Brutally murdered by someone in this community and there are no answers," said Campbell.

Starting their rally where his life ended, they called out -- hoping someone saw something.

"For anyone who is around who may have witnessed the shooting and murder to please speak up and come forth and the family can seek justice and find closure," said Campbell. "It's impossible this could be self defense."

Folks emerged from their home listening to the wake-up call regarding gun violence in Milwaukee.

Tracy Dent

"It was coming to a point that almost everyday someone was getting shot or killed," said Tracy Dent with the Peace for Change Alliance. "It's been heartbreaking, depressing."

Being a voice for Jones and the 18 others who were fatally shot in the month of August.

"One homicide affects everyone," said Dent. "We all have to get involved."

Dent, the founder of Peace for Change Alliance, hopes the march gets people to come together.

"We have to start taking our blocks back," said Dent. "It's going to take the people of the community to help reduce the violence the police can do it themselves."

Meanwhile a father of three is gone, leaving behind motivation for change and memories.

"Otis was a caring soul," said Campbell. "Otis loved all who came before him he was friend a law abiding citizen and human in every effort he did."

Otis E. Jones

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