‘To my surprise, she said yes!’ Man, 95, woman, 81 decided to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife

Oliver Stilson and Margaret McCoy

SNEEDVILLE, Tenn. — You’re never too old to fall in love! Oliver Stilson and Margaret McCoy are proof of that. Stilson is 95, and McCoy is 81, and they were married over the Labor Day holiday weekend in Tennessee.

“She’s a good Christian lady, and we’re going to be happy as two bugs in a rug,” said Stilson.

The big day was a few months in the making for Stilson and McCoy.

“I sat by a lady. She made a quilt, so she told me she couldn’t give her one and not give me one because I’m sitting right beside her, so she gave me one. I looked at it and said ‘why did she do that?'” said Stilson.

The next week…

“Here he comes up the aisle, walking with a piece of paper, carrying his phone number on it and a little shoe he carved, a little old-fashioned baby shoe, and he said ‘I have to give you a gift. You gave me a gift’ and he said ‘My name is Ollie, Oliver,’ and he said ‘will you go out with me to dinner?'” said McCoy.

“To my surprise, she said ‘yes,'” said Stilson.

“We went out about three or four times, and we just fell in love immediately,” said McCoy.

Stilson and McCoy knew they couldn’t live without each other. They decided to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife.

“We love one another. We just could no longer stay apart. We just didn’t want to part when it came time to go home after a date,” said McCoy.

They’re proof that love has no age limit.

“There is still love out there. There is still hope. If you seek that love of another person, I think it can still happen,” their best man said.

They are now looking forward to all that married life will bring.

“Working together. Cooking together. Living together. Loving together. I can’t say enough that I like about her. She’s great,” said Stilson.

“We’re going to be very, very happy,” said McCoy.

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