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‘Little pieces of love:’ Volunteers for St. Ann Center collect donated jewelry, sell it

MILWAUKEE -- They call themselves the jewelry girls. Together they've been putting on sales for years. Their work adds a little sparkle to the lives of their customers and so many more.

Betty Glisch

If laughter paid the bills, Betty Glisch and Marguerite Woodfill would be millionaires. The delicate work they do is just as valuable.

"We brought in $24,000 last year," said Glisch.

The volunteers for St. Ann Center collect donated jewelry,  fix it or re-purpose it and sell it.

"We don't throw anything out. The stuff that is broken goes into a special box and we sell that. People will buy it for other things like crafts," said Glisch.

The money they raise supports St. Ann's day programs -- providing a safe place for adults with disabilities and others escaping loneliness.

Marguerite Woodfill

Woodfill was never alone during her recovery from a stroke and aneurysm. Her time in the Jewelry Center helps others receive care and compassion.

"I couldn't speak and I was in a wheelchair. So many people helped me and I need to give back," said Woodfill.

At St. Ann's, every client and every volunteer has a sense of purpose -- and every piece of jewelry gets a second chance.

"Little pieces of love that go to St. Ann's," said Woodfill.

The jewelry sells for between $1 and $200. The next sale is Thursday, Sept. 6 at City Hall. For a full list of upcoming events, CLICK HERE.

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