‘Love to do it:’ St. Thomas More HS sports announcer celebrates 15 years, 400 games

Steve Lynch

MILWAUKEE – With the start of a new school year begins a new season of high school sports. While the athletes change every year, the person announcing them to the crowd at St. Thomas More High School has been constant for the past 15 years.

“It really happened by accident,” said Steve Lynch.

In eighth grade, Steve Lynch was attending the Padre Serra basketball tournament when the announcer didn’t show up.

“I asked if they needed a fill-in announcer and I sat down and the tournament director said ‘have you ever done this before?’ I said 'no.' He said 'do you know what to say' and I said 'yes.' He goes 'you're hired' and I had a love affair with it ever since." Here we are 15 years later. Still at Thomas More. I still do games at the Padre Serra tournament," said Lynch.

Steve Lynch

During a varsity girls’ volleyball game, Lynch hit a milestone -- game 400 at Thomas More.

“It’s a special night because Steven Lynch has been our PA address announcer since 2003. He started as a freshman, as a student,” said St. Thomas More Athletic Director John Hoch.

“Now here we are at 400 games at Thomas More. Who would have thought after 15 years, we would be at this point?” said Lynch.

Hoch said he doesn’t take what Lynch does for granted.

“Personally, it's great for me because as a game manager for all of these contests, you are constantly looking for people to help you, whether it be at the table, admissions, concessions. Here's one thing that I never have to worry about 'cause Steve is here all the time for these games, so the PA is one thing I never have to worry about,” said Hoch.

You don’t have to worry about Lynch bringing the excitement to the job either.

“People give me a hard time. They say I get really into the game. I can't disagree with them. I think that the biggest job of the public address announcer is, you got to set that home court advantage," said Lynch.

Lynch also admits he likes where he sits for the games.

Steve Lynch

“You get a great view of all the action that is going on. You get to see all the coaching that's going on. You get see everything that's going on in game,” said Lynch.

The task goes beyond sports for Lynch.

“We give back where we are able to give back and I've been very grateful that through the public address announcing, through sport I've been able keep that connection to Thomas More. The most special thing for me over the past 15 years is all the friendships that I’ve made," said Lynch.

Lynch said he knows there will be game 401 and counting, and he will bring just as much excitement and passion to those games.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I love to do it. I have a passion for it. I see myself continuing to be there," said Lynch.

Lynch also is the public address announcer for Marquette University women’s volleyball games and fills in for some women’s basketball games.

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