‘Used a hammer to strike her:’ Prosecutors say it ‘wasn’t clear’ whether Elkhorn sex assault victim would survive

Terrence LeFlore

WALWORTH COUNTY -- A judge on Wednesday, Sept. 5 ordered the suspect in a horrific sexual assault in Elkhorn on Tuesday, Aug. 28 held on $1 million cash bond. Elkhorn police in a news release on Tuesday, Sept. 4 said the Jackson, Mississippi man was arrested Monday night and booked into jail on charges of first degree sexual assault, robbery, first degree reckless injury, aggravated battery and obstructing an officer.

The sexual assault happened shortly before 10:15 p.m. on Aug. 28 in a public parking lot near Lincoln and Walworth Street.

Prosecutors say Terrence LeFlore left the victim for dead, and was planning to leave the area.

Appearing in custody via video call on Wednesday, LeFlore, 24, was silent and emotionless as the allegations against him were discussed during his bond hearing.

"It wasn't clear whether or not the victim would survive, but she did," said Zeke Wiedenfeld, prosecutor.

Terrence LeFlore

Police said LeFlore attacked a 21-year-old woman inside her vehicle as she was leaving work.

"He, at first, denied any knowledge of assault, but later did tell law enforcement that he used a hammer to strike the victim in the head in an effort to rob her; that he removed her clothes and that he sexually assaulted her," said Wiedenfeld.

Celica Viguras

Celica Viguras, a former classmate of the victim, said she felt compelled to show support for her friend in the courtroom on Wednesday.

"I can't believe that anybody could do that to anybody, especially her. There's so many posts out there praying for her and her recovery," said Viguras.


Prosecutors said the victim suffered a skull fracture and was unconscious for several days, but has since woken up and was able to give a description of her attacker -- one the state says matches LeFlore.

"Also, the defendant's cellphone showed searches for Greyhound buses, as well as for information regarding the investigation in this case," said Wiedenfeld.

Prosecutors say LeFlore was out on bail for burglary in Jackson, Mississippi. It's unclear at this time what he was doing in Elkhorn.

He's expected to be formally charged on Monday, Sept. 10.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe.com account has been created in support of the victim in this case. CLICK HERE to access that account.