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Packers’ fans eagerly anticipate start of 100th season; mood changes after Rodgers’ injury

GREEN BAY -- The Green Bay Packers kicked off their 100th season Sunday, Sept. 9 vs. the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field, and Packers' fans hoped for a memorable night. Then in the second quarter, QB Aaron Rodgers went down with a knee injury, and headed to the locker room on a cart. Packers' fans let out a collective exhale when the QB returned in the third quarter.

"Opening Day, Packers -- come on -- does it get any better than this? Against the Bears, longest rivalry in the NFL and we are here for a Packers' victory," said Sean Shulander.

Jill and Sean Shulander

It wasn't tough to spot the Shulanders in the crowd at Lambeau Field.

"Because I'm a hairdresser and you have to have fun hair anywhere you go, so what better hair than this?" said Jill Shulander.

There was plenty of one-of-a-kind Packers' gear among the crowd.

"We all decided to get these overalls and be a team," said Brandon Bynum.

Bynum and his group were visiting from Arkansas.

"It took a lot of coaxing. I was like, 'hey guys, nine people in these overalls, we're bound to get on TV, so let's do this!'" said Bynum.

Lisa Wheeler and Joe Berceau

The atmosphere was electric, especially between a split household. Joe Berceau and Lisa Wheeler said the rivalry won't stop them from getting married in April.

"She brings out the best in me. She's kinda cute," said Berceau.

"He told me he's never taken anyone to a Packers' game wearing a Bears' jersey," said Wheeler.

Mary Kay Charbunneau

Mary Kay Charbunneau has been welcoming fans for 25 years.

"If you see a Chicago Bears' fan right now, I'll go up to them, say 'welcome to Lambeau' and give them a hug," said Charbunneau.

The mood shifted when Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers went down in the second quarter, and the Packers confirmed a knee injury at halftime. They said Rodgers' return was questionable.


Rodgers returned in the third quarter, and the Packers went on to win the game, 24-23.

"The air goes out, you know? You hope it's not like last year where he misses all that time," said Ernie Heidenreiter.

"I think it means it's a wake-up up call for us. We need to work on our offense. We need pep in our step. We need a better sense of urgency moving forward," said Terry Sanders.

"He looks alright right now, but a knee injury can take a toll, so I don't know," said Ethan Tennis.

"(DeShone) Kizer? I think he's gonna do great. He's a great addition to the team," said Mike Elliott.

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