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‘It’s a shame:’ Vandals, possibly middle school aged, cause damage at Brown Deer park

BROWN DEER -- Brown Deer police are looking for vandals, possibly middle school aged children, who damaged Fairy Chasm Park on Friday night, Sept. 7.

The park had to be shut down in order to clean up the damage.

"I had noticed the women's restroom had been vandalized," said Chad Hoier, Village of Brown DeerĀ Park and Recreation director.

Hoier called police.

"They took the hand towels, stuffed them in the toilet and flushed it; caused it to clog up and it goes all over the floor," said Hoier.

That wasn't all.

"They spray painted the handles in the sink in the women's restroom," said Hoier.

They also wrote vulgarities on the doors and damaged toilet paper dispensers and towel dispensers.

"It's a shame this happened. It's not the right thing to do to mess around with the park or what's not yours," said Alex Thao, visitor.

"It's sad. It happens more often than it used to. It's sad people don't respect and take care of things as they once did," said Hoier.

Hoier was tasked with the cleanup and repairs, costing hundreds of dollars. Time and money aside, he said he hopes those who utilize the park will respect the values of those living nearby.

"We would like this to stop in the community. We would like people to take care and show ownership of the great community we have here in Brown Deer," said Hoier.

Anyone with information, or anyone who may have seen the individuals who caused this damage just before 11 p.m. on Friday is asked to please contact Brown Deer police.

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