‘United we stand:’ Somber 9/11 ceremony held in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A somber, heartfelt remembrance was held at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center on Tuesday morning, Sept. 11.

A massive American flag hung from fire trucks at the entrance to the War Memorial. On this day, the feeling of patriotism ran high.

9/11 remembrance at Milwaukee War Memorial Center

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

"Those of us who lived through this will remember it for the rest of our lives," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

"It was attacked by people that don't like that we live in a country that has freedom of speech and freedom of religion -- and we fiercely embrace and protect that," said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele

Among the thousands killed in the terror attacks were first responders who rushed into the World Trade Center's twin towers to save others. A piece from one of the towers holds a place of honor at the War Memorial Center.

9/11 remembrance at Milwaukee War Memorial Center

Joe Campbell, an Army veteran and firefighter, drove the beam from New York City.

"When they see the beam, I want them to remember those innocent people, primarily innocent, just doing their jobs," said Campbell.

Gov. Scott Walker was also in attendance. He said we can honor the fallen beyond this day.

"'United we stand' should be more than just a bumper sticker. It's something we work on every day, and that's how we can truly honor the dead by serving all of us who are living here today," said Walker.

Gov. Scott Walker

Campbell said we can also preserve their memories for those who weren't around 17 years ago.

"The memories will fade if we don't tell the story and repeat the story and hopefully not have this story repeated again," said Campbell.