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‘Unfortunate:’ Stolen car filled with personalized Packers memorabilia

John Utz

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man says his car was filled with personalized Green Bay Packers memorabilia when it was stolen on Tuesday morning, Sept. 11 near downtown.

John Utz said it took him a few minutes to realize everything he had in his car when it was stolen.

"Signed helmets from Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Driver," Utz said.

Utz even had a helmet from fellow USC alum Clay Matthews.

"I have a USC alumni helmet from Clay Matthews -- he was nice enough to sign," Utz said.

They were items Utz kept at his office. However, on Monday, he loaded up his car.

"The night you clean your office out because they have to move everything and put new carpet in -- you store it in the back of your car," Utz said.

On Tuesday, Utz parked his car inside a private garage, but forgot to lock it.

"You leave the fob in -- and anyone can take your stuff and go," Utz said.

Surveillance photos show Utz's 2016 black Ford Edge being driven off -- while another suspect followed it out.

"It's unfortunate. He had just cleaned out his office because of new carpeting, and I asked him what was in his car and it was all of his personal family items," said Shannon Utz, John's wife.

"The notes, the birthday cards, the 'Happy Father's Day,' the 'I love you,' 'I'm thinking of you,' -- those are the things you want to get back," Utz said.

As far as the signed helmets, if they turn up, they all have something in common.

"Aaron was nice enough to sign, 'Dear John, welcome to Wisconsin,'" Utz said.

All of the helmets are addressed to John.

"It's not like you can resell those -- unless you sell them to a guy named John," Utz said.

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