Importance of education: ‘A Novel Event’ fundraiser at The Pavilion at Discovery World

MILWAUKEE -- One of SHARP Literacy's goals is to keep students reading all year long. Lynda Kohler, president and CEO of SHARP Literacy, joins FOX6 WakeUp to talk about the 18th annual "A Novel Event" coming up next week.

About A Novel Event (website)

Monday, September 17 is the date for the 18th A Novel Event fundraiser at The Pavilion at Discovery World from 4-7pm. This year’s keynote speaker is Malcolm Brogdon, point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Malcolm Brogdon was profiled in the February 2018 issue of M Magazine.  Excerpts from that article demonstrate the importance of education and giving back to the community have for Malcolm, two attributes that dovetail perfectly with the SHARP Literacy mission.

Born to two highly educated parents (his mother is a provost and his father is a lawyer), Malcolm is the youngest of three children. He graduated from UVA with a BA in History and a master’s degree in leadership and public policy before being drafted by the Bucks two years ago. His two older brothers have law degrees and Malcolm cites high expectations from their family as the driving force behind all three sons’ success. “My goal was always to play in the NBA, but I knew I needed a great education. “

Malcolm is an active participant in the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation, the team’s first-ever charitable nonprofit. “I think it’s important for guys like me – whether you’re an NBA player or someone that’s in the light or someone that’s ‘on stage’ so to speak, with their work – to be able to relay positive messages,” Brogdon says. “…it’s important to step out and really try to help others with the attention you receive, and to really try to give others that same attention.” Brogdon stresses that “It’s about teaching these kids about how to manage life. These are kids that I don’t think had a lot of the same opportunities I had. I’ve been very blessed, and things have worked out really well for me. But it doesn’t happen like that for everybody. No matter what your situation is, it’s important to be able to give back and to understand other people’s struggles.”

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