Keep breakfast simple: 6 steps to a stress free start to school and work days

MILWAUKEE -- The morning rush can be difficult for families -- especially those with young kids. Rebecca Michelsen with Penfield Children's Center joins Real Milwaukee to help make your mornings a little less stressful.

Tip 1: Prepare the night before. 
1. Prepare the night before. Pack lunches, iron and layout outfits, make sure all homework is already in backpack and waiting by the door. Make sure to prepare for mom and dad too! Items that easily get misplaced should be ready to grab on the way out- keys, parking passes, etc.

Tip 2: Set  a morning routine.
2. Set and follow a morning routine. Make sure kids are dressed and ready to go before allowing time on tablets or other play activities. Hang up a morning routine chart on your child's wall that he can easily follow - get up, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.

Tip 3: Give each adult tasks. 
3. Give each adult tasks. Divide and conquer. While dad might be in charge of making sure kids' teeth are brushed and breakfast is on the table, mom can handle getting little ones dressed and putting lunches in backpacks before heading out.

Tip 4: Create a command center.
4. Create a "command center." Include a calendar of the academic year, school lunch menu, important school and work papers and upcoming field trip information.

Tip 5: Keep breakfast simple and  nutritious. 
5. Breakfast can be simple and nutritious: Yogurt pouches, hardboiled eggs, frozen egg muffins (Rebecca will provide simple recipe) and crock-pot oatmeal are all easy, nutritious and delicious.

Tip 6: Pack a breakfast on-the-go pack for the car.
6. No time for a quick breakfast? Pack a breakfast-on-the-go pack for the car- Dry cereal, breakfast bars, apple sauce pouches, 100% juice boxes, mini water bottles and dried fruit (raisons) are all great options that can stay in the car.

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