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Owner believes her stolen vehicle was targeted due to the make, model

Ashley Garcia

MILWAUKEE -- Thieves stole a maroon Honda parked outside a home near 5th Place and Rogers on Milwaukee's south side, and while the criminals got away with the vehicle, something very important was left behind.

"I heard a car door slam," said Ashley Garcia.

It wasn't a good start to Monday, Sept. 17 for Garcia.

"I decided to look outside to see who it was. I seen that my car was nowhere to be found," said Garcia.

Her 1995 Honda had disappeared; the theft captured by her neighbor's surveillance cameras. The video shows two young people walk up to the parked car, one handing the other a key. Just as quickly as they came, they took off.

Abraham Rivera

"I was just in shock myself," said Abraham Rivera.

It was Garcia and Rivera's only vehicle -- the only way for their growing family to get around.

"That's how we get back and forth to her appointments, to work, to my job," said Rivera.

They believe they were targeted because of the make and model of their vehicle. Christian Bilgo, a technician at Riverside Automotive said only a few dozen types of keys were made for older model Hondas.

Christian Bilgo

"As those keys start to round out, kind of wear out, they start to work in a lot more vehicles," said Bilgo.

There are a few things vehicle owners can do to protect against theft.

"Something to say 'skip this car. Go on to the next one,'" said Bilgo.

Garcia and Rivera said they wanted to share the video, hoping for quick arrests.

"I'm just hopeful that somebody sees it and turns them in," said Garcia.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact police.

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