Flash flood watch for most of SE Wisconsin from Friday evening through 7 a.m. Saturday

‘It’s just ruthless:’ 8-year-old hurt when BB gun fired at bus

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating after a school bus was struck when a BB gun was fired Tuesday morning, Sept. 18. Police initially reported that a rock hit the bus.

The Lakeside bus was supposed to arrive at the HOPE Christian Fortis location, but instead became caught up in a police investigation near 41st and Center around 7 a.m.

"I saw a couple of guys running. They was on some mischief stuff," said Mekiel Nance.

Their actions prompted all of the kids to take cover.

"Just hollering 'get down! Somebody shooting! Get down!'" said Nance.

This, as BBs flew.

BB gun pellets hit school bus near 41st and Center

Les Harris

"That's just ruthless. It's just ridiculous," said Les Harris.

One BB hit a window, and the shattered glass struck an 8-year-old girl.

"It's sad what happened to the little kid," said George Holmes.

Paramedics were called and the girl was taken to Children's Hospital to be treated for her injuries. Neighbors said they were grateful she would be OK, but concerned about the suspect(s)' actions.

"He's going to kill somebody. He is going to put somebody eye out, mess up their brain. I hope they catch him. He needs to be punished," said Harris.

Police said they were searching for the suspects responsible.

Meanwhile, school officials said the injured girl was very brave and extremely resilient under the scary circumstances, and parents were alerted.

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