‘Cultural experiences, art, music, food:’ Walker’s Point 5th Street Fest kicks off this weekend

MILWAUKEE -- Celebrate the rich history of Walker's Point this weekend. Jonathon Gregg joins FOX6 WakeUp with a preview of the 5th Street Festival.

About Walker's Point 5th Street Fest (Facebook page)

Walker’s Point was one of the only Greater Downtown neighborhoods without a signature street festival. In 2017, the Walker's Point Association, Town Bank & the community changed that with 5th Street Fest. It was a showcase of all the things that make this place so great: The people, culture, businesses, food, brewers, arts, makers, music & more. Serving as a fundraiser for the W.P.A. non-profit, it is an investment in this great neighborhood.

This festival is for any and all who appreciate cultural experiences, art, music, food, local products and more. It is for the residents of Walker’s Point to enjoy themselves and stand proud of what their home has to offer. It is for the businesses of Walker’s Point to continue to be put on the map for the amazing work they do. It is for the artists and musicians who deserve a stage to be seen and heard. It is for the makers to sell the crafts they put their hearts into. It is for families, it is for people of every age and every background. It is for the entire city of Milwaukee, to continue building upon its active cultural energy.

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