Racine man accused of beating girlfriend, biting her 3-year-old child for peeing the bed

Timothy Monroe

RACINE COUNTY — A 23-year-old Racine man is facing numerous abuse charges after investigators say he bit a 3-year-old child for wetting the bed, injured a 4-year-old, and beat his girlfriend — the children’s mother — a day later.

Timothy Monroe has been charged with the following:

  • Physical abuse of a child – intentionally cause bodily harm (two counts)
  • Misdemeanor battery
  • False imprisonment

According to a criminal complaint, on August 30, two children — a 3-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy — were at their mother’s house along with Monroe, her live-in boyfriend.

The mother took the children to their paternal grandmother’s house, where family members noticed bruising on the 3-year-old. The criminal complaint says the child’s father observed what appeared to be a bite mark on the 3-year-old girl’s chin. The 4-year-old brother stated, “Tim bit her because she wet the bed.”

Police were called to investigate and interviewed the 4-year-old child, who stated his little sister “peed the bed, which caused Monroe to become upset. The 4-year-old child said his sister was “thrown from the bed” by Monroe, causing her to fall on her head.

The 4-year-old child stated to investigators he also was “picked up and slammed repeatedly against a door” and punched by Monroe. The child said he had difficulty breathing afterward. The complaint says Monroe told the 4-year-old child he’d buy him a PlayStation game if he “didn’t tell anyone” what happened.

Investigators interviewed the children’s mother who stated she had a “dumb argument” with Monroe, and said he left their home late on August 30. She told investigators she contacted Monroe on Sept. 1, and asked how long he was going to be before he returned home. She believed this caused Monroe some embarrassment because he was with friends when she called.

Monroe’s girlfriend stated to investigators when he did return home, he was upset about her calling him. She told investigators an argument led to Monroe beating her and she eventually called police. However, the complaint says that angered Monroe even more.

The woman told investigators Monroe dragged her across the floor, punched her numerous times, and pushed a car key into her upper thigh. The criminal complaint says Monroe prevented her from leaving the apartment by physically blocking the door to allow her access to the police who were outside.

Monroe’s girlfriend told officials she’s been assaulted by Monroe many times in the past. She stated she has been hit by Monroe “hard enough to be injured around 20 times.” She told investigators the two had been in a “long-term abusive relationship” — disclosing to officials she attended her mother’s funeral with a black eye.

Officials interviewed Monroe, and asked about the abuse. Monroe told investigators he was “a coward for hitting” his girlfriend. He went on to say, “I’m not going to lie to you, I bit her and threw her on the ground.”

This isn’t the first time Monroe has been in trouble before. The criminal complaint says a previous incident involving Monroe, in which the 3-year-old child sustained a black eye, was reported to Racine police. No charges were brought against Monroe at the time.

Monroe is due in court on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

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