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‘Transformed:’ WHS officials share photos of coyote treated for mange

MILWAUKEE — Officials with the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on Thursday, Sept. 20 shared dramatic photos of a coyote suffering from sarcoptic mange — who has made incredible progress in just a few weeks.

Sarcoptic mange is a skin disease caused by microscopic mites.

They have named him Chupy, short for chupacabra, “the mythical, blood-sucking, hairless beast with its roots in Latin American folklore.” Wildlife Rehabilitation Center officials said when Chupy was first brought in, he “looked like the descriptions supposed eyewitnesses have given of the fabled beast.”

He’s been receiving treatment for mange and emaciation since early August — and was moved to an outdoor enclosure Thursday.

Officials said the goal is to release him back into the wild soon.

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