Wind chill advisory for Jefferson, Walworth counties until noon Sunday

Harvest Moon ready to shine, but will we see it?

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MILWAUKEE — The Harvest Moon is back — but we will have to see whether Mother Nature allows us to view it.

According to, the moon will turn full at 9:52 p.m. CDT. on Monday, September 24. The Harvest Moon typically comes in October. But because of how the calendar often falls, it is showing in September this year. it can happen as early as Sept. 8 or as late as Oct. 7.

The FOX6 Weather Experts say we’re expecting mostly cloudy skies beginning Monday evening. So we will have to count on either thin overcast or breaks in the clouds to get a look at the Harvest Moon. It clearly coincides with the time of the year that farmers venture into their fields to harvest their crops. In the past, farmers have used the light of the full moon to help extend their days when harvesting.

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