‘Are we going to do this in front of your kid?’ Docs offer new info in murder-suicide

WAUWATOSA -- Police have not decided who fired and then turned the gun on themselves when a romantic relationship turned fatal in Wauwatosa on Aug. 22, but new documents identify the men involved in the murder-suicide, and offer more information about what led up to it.

Police said they responded to the home shortly before 4 p.m. to check the welfare of someone inside after a witness told police they heard gunshots. The men were found unresponsive inside the home, and a firearm was located near them. The incident left neighbors rattled.

"It's unbelievably sad and heartbreaking that something like this is happening here, because it doesn't. Nothing like this ever happens," said Madeline Herbert on the day of the incident.

"It's odd for this part of the city to have something like this go on," said John Enos.

An 88-page investigative report offers insight into what transpired between Mark Batory and Henri Washington that day. According to the documents, Batory's young son was outside when the two men began arguing, and Washington said "are we going to do this in front of your kid?" From outside, the child reported hearing "two loud pops" inside, before police arrived.

Mark Batory

Batory had an active license as a child psychiatrist, often practicing out of his home. Court records indicate a divorce from his wife last year.

"He was a good person. He was honest. He was the first person I felt comfortable opening up to. It's absolutely heartbreaking. He seemed happy -- happier than when I used to see him before," said Savannah Sippy, patient.

The documents indicate Batory, 54, and Washington, 40, were involved in a relationship for a year, but "things had been deteriorating." The night before the murder-suicide, a client came to Batory's home and told police he seemed "frazzled" and when he heard a noise, he said "I think it's Henri coming for me." Divorce records indicate Batory's children were "not to be left alone with Henri Washington," who one witness said was Batory's drug supplier.

An autopsy revealed Batory was shot in the mouth, and Washington in the back of his head.

Multiple people associated with Washington reported to police that he left them notes stating "take care of my family" and "see you on the other side."

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