‘It will look beautiful:’ Years of dirt, damage slowly vanish from Wind Point Lighthouse

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RACINE -- Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the late 1980s -- and built nearly 100 years prior -- the Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine had acquired years of damage.

Devlin Davis

"I don't know when the last time it was painted, but it looks like it's been a very long time," said Devlin Davis, CertaPro Painters field supervisor.

Built in 1880 to assist boaters into Racine Harbor and still used today -- a fresh coat of paint being applied on Tuesday, Sept. 25 was aimed at giving the historic Wind Point Lighthouse new life.

Wind Point Lighthouse

Wind Point Lighthouse

Kristi Hughey said she's familiar with the view from the ground.

Wind Point Lighthouse

"And they were at the top half of this side. Now they're on the other side, so we're halfway done," said Hughey, neighbor, as she watched the progress Tuesday.

On top, the job was no easy feat for the three-man crew.

"And there could be no breeze down here and it's very windy up there," said Davis.

The lighthouse stands 108 feet tall.

"When you go home and lay down and close your eyes, you feel... (rocking motion) because you're eight to 10 hours a day rocking. It's like being on a boat -- sea legs," said Devlin.

Wind Point Lighthouse

Painting was just the half of it.

"Believe it or not, the whole building had to be hand-washed with rags and buckets of water," said Davis.

The end result would be worth the wait, neighbors said.

"I'm happy to see it done," said Hughey.

Wind Point Lighthouse

Wind Point Lighthouse

"It will look beautiful when it's done. It will look like a brand new place," said Davis.

The crew said they plan to re-paint the entire lighthouse by Friday, Sept. 28.

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