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Jury in Kris Zocco trial visits crime scenes, gets look at new surveillance photos

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- On the second day of the trial for Kris Zocco, Tuesday, Sept. 25, a Milwaukee County jury got a look at the Prospect Avenue apartment building where police believe he killed 27-year-old Kelly Dwyer in 2013. However, the jury didn't stop there.

"This case is about a young woman named Kelly Dwyer. Kelly Dwyer was a 27-year-old woman, a happy young woman who lived on the east side of Milwaukee," said Sara Hill, prosecutor.

On Oct. 11, 2013 that all changed.

Kelly Dwyer and Kris Zocco

The prosecutor showed a photo from surveillance video at the east side apartment building where Zocco lived. Zocco is seen in that video with Dwyer, going in. Dwyer was never seen leaving.

The next day, a photo from a camera in the parking garage shows Zocco looking into the trunk of his car.

Kris Zocco

Kris Zocco's Prospect Avenue apartment building

"He winds up killing her during an act of, most likely, manual strangulation around the neck during some kind of sex act," said Hill.

After visiting the apartment building, jurors traveled to Jefferson County, to see the ditch where Dwyer's body was discovered 19 months later.

Kelly Dwyer's body found in Jefferson County in May 2015

Kelly Dwyer's body found

Kris Zocco

Zocco's lawyer said the state can't tie the death to Zocco.

"Not one of the government's witnesses will tell you they saw Mr. Zocco cause Kelly Dwyer's death, or they know how she died, or that they know what happened, or they have proof -- physical evidence or eyewitness testimony that Mr. Zocco is responsible for her death," said Rebecca Coffee, defense attorney.

Zocco is already serving 19 years in prison on unrelated drug and child pornography convictions.

He faces three charges in the death of Kelly Dwyer -- first degree reckless homicide, hiding a corpse, strangulation and suffocation, filed in May of 2017. Additionally, he faces one count of felony intimidation of a witness, after Zocco's former cellmate told police Zocco tried to arrange a "hit" on an ex-girlfriend who may testify in the trial.

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