‘He did what dogs do:’ 2 kids attacked, hurt while walking to bus stop in Racine

RACINE -- Two children were attacked by a dog and left with serious leg wounds while walking to a bus stop in Racine on Wednesday morning, Sept. 26. Witnesses said it could've been much worse.

It happened on Sydney Drive around 9 a.m.

According to Racine police, a man in the area heard the kids screaming and saw the dog attacking them. The citizen rushed over and scared the dog away, but the dog lunged at him so he fired one round at the animal.

Officials say the dog was grazed by the bullet and ran away.


"He got out and he did what dogs do. When they scream and run away, they think it's playtime and they go after them," said the owner of the dog, who only wanted to share her first name, Christine.

Christine said she was in the shower and her son left the gate open in the backyard.

The two children, an 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, were injured as a result of the attack, and transported to Ascension Hospital for treatment.

"She had some very deep lacerations to her left calf. The dog was approximately 80 pounds. She's also about 80 pounds," said Cory Breu, the 9-year-old victim's father.

Cory Breu

The man who came to the children's aid had a valid CCW permit.

The owner of the dog was cited and the dog was captured and quarantined. Christine admitted the dog has bitten people in the past and said she surrendered him Wednesday afternoon.

"He was aggressive, but not in the home. Like, I have three kids. He's great around those kids. He's great around kids who come over here, so I don't know what happened today," said Christine.

Breu said he's simply grateful this wasn't worse.

"The power that that dog seemed to have -- this was one of the best possible outcomes. This is a very bad day, but when I think about how bad it could be, it's probably one of the best days of my life," said Breu.

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