MCW student says health disparities in his neighborhood ‘motivating me to continue’

Na’il Scoggins

MILWAUKEE -- From a young age, Na’il Scoggins knew he wanted to make a difference in his community. The Milwaukee native is in his second year at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He says studying medicine offers a perfect union of his passions.

“I feel that I was called to do this. I knew that medicine was a way for me to put together my passion for the sciences along with helping people,” said Scoggins.

Scoggins comes from Milwaukee’s 53206 ZIP code. The area has one of the highest incarceration rates for men who are African-American in the country. It is also peppered with a myriad of health disparities.

“That is really motivating me to continue on this path,” said Scoggins.

Whitefish Bay High School

Scoggins is a graduate of Whitefish Bay High School. The Chapter 220 program opportunity offered him education and new perspective.

“That was a privilege for me that not a lot of people from my neighborhood had,” said Scoggins.

Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Moua Yang

He has a solid support system, made up of friends, family members and mentors, including Dr. Moua Yang.

“Na'il is probably one of the star students we had,” said Dr. Yang.

The two met thanks to summer Pipeline Programs offered by the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“Sometimes he has question that I wouldn't know how to answer,” said Yang.

When Scoggins is not learning, he volunteers and teaches students who are underrepresented.

Na’il Scoggins

“I feel like it's my duty to come back and help bring somebody else up and bring the community up,” said Scoggins.

As he walks the halls of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Scoggins, a future physician, does not forget what got him there.

"I always keep in mind the people who have sacrificed for me and the future patient population I'll be helping.  That's motivation for me to keep going," said Scoggins.

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