‘She’s fun to watch:’ Red panda born at Milwaukee County Zoo now on exhibit

MILWAUKEE -- She's only four months old -- and has already managed to get a Ph.D. Her name is Dr. Lily Parkinson, and no, she's not a person. Rather, the newest member of the Milwaukee County Zoo's animal kingdom!

"She's our first ever red panda baby here at the Milwaukee County Zoo," said Sheri Guay, Big Cat Country zookeeper.

The cub is named after the veterinarian resident who discovered her on an ultrasound.

'Lily,' for short, was born on June 6. At three days old, the cub was only 166 grams -- about the weight of a banana.

"I love it! It's cute," said Lisa Dillman, visitor.

Zookeepers said the cub's birth is especially important.

"Red pandas are endangered in the wild. They are estimated to be less than 3,000," said Guay.

Lily's energetic personality has already attracted plenty of visitors with little ones of their own.

"My little one, she just loves all the animals and babies. The little one is following the mom. It's how it is in real life," said Dillman.

"She's getting a lot more rambunctious and adventurous, chasing around Mom and Dad, so she's fun to watch," said Guay.

The red pandas also have access to an indoor den -- but if you're lucky -- you may get the opportunity to see them out and about on the next "Family Free Day" Saturday, Oct. 6.

Red pandas have a low tolerance for the heat -- so you'll have a better chance to see the cub in action when temperatures are cooler.

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