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‘The right taste:’ 3 new eateries serving up sweets, some heat and soul food

MILWAUKEE -- Whether you're looking to be served breakfast, lunch or dinner -- Brian Kramp and photojournalist Susanne Barthel have you covered. They check out three new eateries serving up sweets, some heat, and soul food.

Arlanderz Soul Food (website)

Arlanderz began back in 2015 when Arlander learned the list of ingredients from a close family friend (Auntie Deb). Then took the ingredients and perfected a recipe to give the consumer the right taste to fit their taste buds need. Ever since then it has been a hit in the United States. With ARLANDERZ bottling its first bottle in late 2017; as others would  say the rest is history…

About Midtown Grill.

MOR Bakery and Cafe (website)

Welcome to MOR...
When I started this adventure over a decade ago, it was with one desire: feeding my little boy. Thirteen pounds at a year wasn’t something I planned for. Some of life’s challenges are just that, a challenge. Mine was to navigate the terrain of doctors’ visits, endless food aisles, and the daunting task of helping my child feel safe eating the food in front of him. Because when something so common actually makes you ill, trust is broken.
It became very important for our family to learn to trust the food in our lives again. This process took a lot of research and attention to details, which has translated into the dedication I have when baking for others. My standards are simple: I use real, whole, often organic ingredients, locally sourced when possible, and freshly made in small batches as you would in your own kitchens. I want to feed others no differently than my grandmothers fed me – with care and compassion.
So I invite you to stop by MOR (“mother” in Swedish) and be part of our community, an extended family. I look forward to meeting you soon.
Until then,
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