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Wow! Owl rescued from vehicle’s grill, back flying Wisconsin’s skies🦉

TREMPEALEAU COUNTY -- An owl is back flying the skies of Trempealeau County in western Wisconsin after a DNR warden came to its rescue.

Credit: DNR Warden Jensen

A Wisconsin DNR feature indicates DNR Warden Meghan Jensen got a call on Sunday morning, Sept. 23 from a driver who believed he had killed an owl while driving the night before. The driver believed the bird was dead -- because it was jammed into his vehicle's grill. He decided to deal with the situation in the morning.

On Monday morning, the owner of the vehicle realized the owl was still alive -- but in a really uncomfortable position. He called the Wisconsin DNR.

DNR Warden Meghan Jensen

"The owl was stuck! Just the wings and head were sticking out of the grill," Jensen said. "The rest of its body was lodged in tight."

The DNR feature indicates Warden Jensen and the driver managed to carefully free the owl -- and it appeared to be uninjured.

Jensen took the owl to the Coulee Region Humane Society to get checked out. After getting the "all clear," she drove the owl back to the area where the incident happened the night before -- and released it back to the wild.

Credit: DNR Warden Jensen