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Man accused of causing harm to a child arrested again for similar offense

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee couple is speaking after a man accused of causing harm to a child is arrested again for a similar offense.

A child sexually was assaulted in a bathroom at Humboldt Park. The disturbing allegations sent Daniel Mangert straight to court. He is accused of touching a 4-year-old boy in appropriately -- and asking him to perform sex acts.

"When we found out about this 4-year-old boy at Humboldt Park, that just opened that wound all over," said Thomas Kochanski. "I looked at Vicky and I said, 'I'm not gonna stand for this.'"

Thomas Kochanski

Kochanski and his wife knew the story sounded all to familiar.

Daniel Mangert

"We understand what they're going through and possibly the road that may lie ahead," said Victoria Ball.

Their family members were victims of Mangert in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood in a 2005 case. He was charged with sexual assault of a child which was reduced to causing mental harm. Mangert was sentenced to four years in prison.

"If he would have sat and did the 20 years, he would have still been in prison," Kochanski said.

Daniel Mangert

After the recent incident at Humboldt Park, police said Mangert tried to commit suicide. His mug shot (to the left) was taken shortly after that.

"That made me feel like, you can do this thing. But you can't take what's coming to you," Kochanski said. "That really upset me."

The family hopes for tougher penalties for child sex crimes -- and hopes their story comforts others who have been impacted.

"Dan and people like Dan Mangert don't realize the damage that they cause," Kochanski said.

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