‘He’s really happy:’ 16-year-old takes in Brewers’ win with father, battling cancer

MILWAUKEE — More than 41,000 people were on hand at Miller Park for the Milwaukee Brewers’ sold-out Game 162. Several fans FOX6 News spoke with said they wanted to experience the sweep of the Detroit Tigers with Mom or Dad.

“It’s historical. It’s great — super, super great!” said Jeffry Ortiz.

With the 11-0 victory Sunday, Sept. 30, the Brewers then geared up to face the Chicago Cubs for the division championship Monday afternoon at Wrigley Field.

“They’re going to be division champs. I know it!” said Craig Dent.

Ken and Jill Bartelt

Ashlee Weitzel

It was a family affair for many, including Ken and Jill Bartelt.

“I’m here with my mom Jill. This is a big thing for us,” said Ken Bartelt.

“He’s the one that got me into the Brewers, I think 2009 — and I’ve been a fan ever since,” said Jill Bartelt.

Ashlee Weitzel, 16, took in the game with her father, Tony, who is battling cancer. They got their tickets through Agrace HospiceCare.

“This is like, the last time I get to spend a good day with him. He’s going through a lot. He’s had three brain surgeries and 15 radiation treatments and we’re told he only has a few months left,” said Weitzel.

She savored every minute of what might have been their last time at the ballpark.

“He’s really, really happy. Like, we told him we’re going to the Brewers’ game today and he was just smiling — ‘oh yay!’ He’s so excited,” said Weitzel.

Fans focused on how special this was — with the team clinching a playoff spot for the first time since 2011.

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to see this again in my lifetime,” said Dent.

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