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‘Took the whole year to build:’ Maker Faire features Homestead robotics team, 6th in world

WEST ALLIS -- From DIY-ers to engineers and designers, the 2018 Maker Faire Milwaukee exhibit attracted talent from across the state. While visitors were able to check out the cool tech, for vendors, it was an opportunity to network.

"I like to make weird art," said Pete Prodoehl.

Prodoehl was one of those "makers" showcasing the things he loves -- one of them a robot his friend built.

"These are the daleks from the 'Doctor Who' television series," said Prodoehl.

Engineers, tinkerers and designers showed off their projects and exchanged ideas on how to become more creative.

"Kids start by building LEGOs and coloring with crayons and building block towers. We just do bigger versions of that, really," said Prodoehl.

Also on hand for the Maker Faire Milwaukee was the Homestead High School Robotics team.

"It took us the whole year to build ours. You build a robot to run around and do tasks. It's not like battle bots. It's more like teams of two helping each other out and trying to get the highest score," said Julian Camachl, Homestead High School.

Ranked sixth in the world in their youth robotics division, the young professionals know what they're doing.

"We had to pick up these blocks and stack them in the crypto box, which is the three columns over here. Most of it is muscle memory. I've had probably thousands of hours in practice," said Joshua Peterson, Homestead High School.

On Sunday, Sept. 30, there was no competing -- just showing off, but even just goofing around can lead to big things.

"It can lead to a career," said Prodoehl.

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