Duck hunting gear stolen 2 days into season: ‘My back window — they stuck a screwdriver in’

Jonathan Boettcher

WEST ALLIS -- A duck hunter wants to know if you've seen his gear -- after it was stolen from his car early Monday morning, Oct. 1. It's a crime that happened at the worse possible time.

"My back window -- they stuck a screwdriver in right here," said Jonathan Boettcher.

Nearly all of his duck hunting gear inside was stolen, including a dozen duck calls, waders, decoys -- items he has had since he was 14 years old. The call he was wearing around his neck when FOX6 News spoke with him on Monday, Oct. 1 was the only one left.

"As my son comes up to the hunting age, I am hoping to pass things down to him. Now, I don't have that opportunity," said Boettcher.

Jonathan Boettcher

Stacy and Jonathan Boettcher

West Allis police said they're seeking a suspect in connection with this crime that happened just two days into the duck hunting season, and during an intense struggle for Boettcher's wife, Stacy.

"She was diagnosed in April with Stage 3 breast cancer," said Boettcher.

Jonathan Boettcher

The hunting season was supposed to be Boettcher's short time away from chemo appointments and sadness.

"The whole rest of my year is based around keeping my wife healthy and then getting that little bit of time out in the field that I can to enjoy what I love to do," said Boettcher.

Boettcher said he's been monitoring pawn shops and hunting stores to see whether the items have popped up.

Police stressed no guns were taken during this break-in. Boettcher said it's the second time in two years his vehicle has been broken into.

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