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Making ‘momplimenting’ a thing: How to make a positive difference in the lives of parents around us

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MILWAUKEE -- She's a local blogger and is hoping she can get a new verb to sweet the nation -- "momplimenting." Angie Emrey from Milwaukee Moms Blog joins Real Milwaukee.

All too often when parents are out in public with their kids they get unsolicited comments, from "been there done that" or "you've got your hands full." For parents who are struggling, those comments just aren't helpful. That's why Angie is suggesting momplimenting instead.

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Here are five things parents often hear but don't need to and what people can say instead.

  • 'You've got your hands full!'
    Instead say 'you're doing a great job with all you have to juggle!' or 'Look how blessed/lucky you are!'
  • 'Are you going to try for a boy/girl?'
    They're so lucky to have a brother/sister! 'Just wait until they're teenagers!' or 'One day you'll miss this!'
    This is a tough period! You're doing great getting through it.
  • We're they planned? Are they ALL yours? Do twins run in your family? Were they natural?
    How lucky to have been blessed so many times! What a beautiful family.
  • Any, ANY comment about the race/ethnicity of a baby. Especially if it varies from my own.
    What a beautiful baby!
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