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Man accused of killing neighbor’s pigs again

**EMBARGO: Portland, OR** An Oregon man is accused of killing his neighbor's pigs again.

ST. HELENS, Ore. — A St. Helens, Oregon man is facing several aggravated animal abuse charges related to the killing of pigs on his neighbor’s property.

This isn’t the first time he’s been accused of these types of crimes.

56-year-old George Bainbridge posted bail at the Columbia County Jail Wednesday night.

On Thursday evening, FOX 12 spoke with him at his home in the 61000 block of Robinette Road in St. Helens.

Bainbridge denies any wrongdoing in this animal abuse investigation.

Back in February 2017, he was accused of killing his neighbor’s pig. The 900-pound pig named D.J. was a rescue at the Baxter Pot Belly Pig and Farm Animal Rescue.

The pig was shot with two arrows. Bainbridge claimed self-defense.

“The thing scared the [expletive] out of me,” Bainbridge said back in 2017. “I stand in my backyard and I shoot archery as a hobby and there it was okay, about 40 feet from me, and I shot it. That’s why,” he said.

Deputies say this recent arrest comes after an investigation that started last month.

But this time, George says he wasn’t even home.

“No, I never killed em’, I never killed that big hog,” he said. “I have no problem with them. I have a problem with them destroying my property and my tax dollars at work get me thrown in jail when I don’t break any laws, they don’t even talk to me.”

In 2017, FOX 12 spoke to his neighbor, Michelle Fudge-Snow, who owns the pigs.

She said taking the pig’s life was not right and D.J. meant the world to their family.

Bainbridge will go on trial for the 2017 pig killing case this fall. He’s expected to be arraigned on the new charges next month.

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