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Inside ‘No Studios’ — Milwaukee’s newest epicenter of the arts

MILWAUKEE — Inside the walls of the old Pabst Brewery in downtown Milwaukee sits what some call the new epicenter for the arts. It’s called “No Studios” but don’t let the name fool you, artists of all visual mediums are welcome.

No Studios is actually named after a type of of Japanese theater called “Nō.” Unlike the slower style of that theater, owners of No Studios at 1037 West McKinley Avenue in Milwaukee, will be bustling with artists.

No Studios

No Studios

Inside the walls of the old Pabst Brewery in downtown Milwaukee sits what some call the new epicenter for the arts.

“This is a new, sort of experimental, somewhat speculative, but I think this is really a winning strategy,” said Lisa Caesar, No Studios.

Lisa Caesar, sister of Oscar-winning director John Ridley, is part of the brain trust behind the new creative space. A place for artists and those love the arts.

“I want to create a space where local artists can work with each other, can talk about what works, share ideas and develop each other — making each other stronger,” said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

No Studios

Ahead of the official launch, tours are being given and the space is being shown off.

“We were very deliberate in the way we built this space out so we would have infrastructure equipped for all visual arts,” Caesar said.

Lisa Caesar

On the first floor is a space for people to gather, enjoy food and drinks from the bar. Upstairs is office space for the artists themselves.

“I want local artists to be supported, to learn that they can be self-sustaining,” said Abele.

A place for all kinds of art; a social networking hub for all who want to be part of it.

No Studios

No Studios

“It makes a statement that here in Milwaukee local art matters. Just as much as anything else that we do,” said

It’s important to mention, accessing the space and using it all costs money. Unless it’s a free event, membership is required and costs range from $30 a month, per-person all the way up to $250 a month, per-person.

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No Studios

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