Costumes too costly? Some hairdos that can stand alone on Halloween

MILWAUKEE -- Plotting the perfect the Halloween costume is hard work -- and pricey too! But your hair may be able to help. Hairstylist Jonelle Todd with Supercuts joins Real Milwaukee with some hair tricks that will score you plenty of treats.

Pumpkin Patch Hair

  • Create a classic bun. Cover the rest of the head with saran wrap or tin foil, leaving the bun exposed. Spray bun with temporary orange color. Wrap fake greenery around the bun, secure it with bobby pins, spray entire style with hairspray.


  • Good for boys! Use generous amount of gel to spike hair, blow dry it to lock spikes in. Spray with temporary green hair color. Hot glue worms, spiders, and more to bobby pins and pop them in.


  • Pull hair up into pony tail. Make a bun out of one section, leave other section out. Divide loose ends and braid them to create spider legs. Hot glue eyes to bobby pins and pin them in place.

How do you get the color out after Halloween?

  • Use clarifying shampoo. It may take a couple of washes. Clarifying shampoo can be harsh on hair so follow with an extra moisturizing condition.
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