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Veterinarian loses license for using painkillers meant for pets

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SAGINAW, Mich. — Dr. Virginia Leis’ license to practice as a veterinarian has been suspended after state officials accused her of using painkillers for personal use.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced the license suspension on Wednesday.

Leis allegedly took controlled substances from Agawa Companion Hospital, including Buprenorphine, Tramadol and Dolorex, and used them herself. Dolorex, specifically, is approved only for use on animals.

State regulators also accuse Leis of mistreating staff members and neglecting animals at Agawa Companion Hospital.

Leis can follow a hearing process with state regulators to get her license back.

Police, animal control officers and building inspectors raided Leis’ veterinary clinic on Davenport Avenue on April 13. Police took Leis away in handcuffs, but later released from custody with no criminal charges filed.

Code enforcement officials posted signs on the building saying it has been condemned due to unsafe conditions inside. They did not elaborate on specific complaints.

Officials indicated the raid was the result of an investigation into animal cruelty and unsanitary conditions. All pets in the building were turned over to their owners, except 15 dogs belonging to Leis.

State licensing records show Leis has a valid veterinarian license, but has been put on probation by the state twice and fined once. Those records show she has a pharmacy license, as well, and was reprimanded and fined in 2006.

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