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Wendy’s fires employee who wrote ‘Chubby’ on man’s receipt

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GASTONIA, N.C. — A North Carolina man says he walked out of a Wendy’s restaurant feeling embarrassed, after he says employees made fun of his weight.

Jimmy Shue said an employee wrote “Chubby” on his receipt, instead of his name. Another employee called out that name when his order was ready. He said he wants an apology.

Shue said a visit to Wendy’s for a simple meal left him humiliated.

“I’ve went to several different Wendy’s and never had a problem,” said Shue.

According to Shue, he became a laughingstock inside the fast food restaurant when a Wendy’s employee yelled out the word “Chubby” instead of his name to signify that the order was ready.

“No, there’s no way (she misheard me). I clear as day said ‘Jimmy,'” said Shue.

WBTV reached out to corporate to get their side of the story, and Carolina Restaurant Group, the franchise organization that owns and operates this Wendy’s location said through email: “We work very hard to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our employees and customers. We investigated this matter and have taken appropriate action.”

Shue said the group also sent him a similar message, but he would like details about that what truly means. He said the ordeal doesn’t sit well with him because he has anxiety and isn’t comfortable with his weight to begin with.

“They chose to just brush me under the rug,” said Shue.

He said he’ll be waiting and hoping for an apology, and won’t step foot inside another Wendy’s again.

“I don’t want people that have disabilities or other ailments to be discriminated against or made fun of because, you know, it’s just not right,” said Shue.

According to KTVT, the employee has been fired.

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