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Can you say ‘Hallow-chic?’ DIY Halloween decor that’s ‘boo-tiful’

MILWAUKEE -- When it comes to Halloween -- it doesn't have to be all horror and gore. Collin Falvey with Collin O'Brien Event and Designs joins Real Milwaukee with holiday decor that's a little less creepy, and a little more chic.

Creating Magical Vignettes:

  • Whether it's creating 'eye-candy' for a Buffet Bar, Patio Step, or the Dining Room Table, a Halloween inspired vignette is the first step in bringing magic to your home!
  • Pro-Tip: The key to organic Vignette`s that don't look overworked, is Layering. Layering through different heights, textures, and patterns of décor, gives depth to your design and pleases the eye from every angle!

Baked History

  • The most seamless way to bring new décor into your home, is to make it appear that it`s been there for centuries! Aging paper is a fun-filled craft that only takes a few minutes to make a statement piece you`ll want to use for years to come in a variety of ways!
  • Pro-Tip: Dripping additional drops of coffee onto paper while in the oven, creates unique stains to add a more aged quality to your pieces.

Musical Webs:

  • Halloween is the one time of year where it`s acceptable to see a few spider-webs around the house. Try this upcycled technique to add some texture around your home.
  • Pro-Tip: You can also use VHS Tapes for a thicker web.

Spell-binding Supper:

  • Whether you cannot find the perfect patterned plate for your theme this year, or you simply cannot afford to invest in a whole new set, trying making your own bespoke plate wear to show off to your friends and family!
  • Pro-Tip: Decoupage plates aren`t necessarily food safe, but by only embellishing from the back, the plate is still safe to eat off of.