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Frogs! is ‘the most advanced traveling frog exhibition in the country’

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MILWAUKEE -- For a limited time, frogs are 'toad-ally' taking over the Milwaukee Public Museum. Kasey spent the morning in the newly opened exhibit, which features frogs from around the world!

About Frogs (website)

Frogs have filled the night with song since the dawn of the dinosaurs. Their croaks, yaps, grunts, chirps, whoops, trills, snores, growls, and whistles are the soundscapes of summer nights.

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Frogs live almost everywhere, from tropical forests to frozen tundra and scorching deserts. They sport an amazing range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Many frogs are more colorful than the most dazzling birds, and the largest can grow to the size of a human infant!

Frogs eat insects, worms, spiders, snails, fish, rodents, small birds, and other frogs. Everyone knows that some frogs jump, but there are also frogs that hop, climb, walk, run, burrow, swim, and even glide through the air. Frog skin is covered with a cocktail of protective chemicals, and some may be useful in human medicine. One frog from South America carries enough poison in its skin to kill 10 humans!

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Exhibition Highlights:

  • Frogs! is the most advanced traveling frog exhibition in the country.

  • Visitors get eye-level with frogs from around the world, including delicate tree frogs, fat bullfrogs, bizarre horned frogs, giant toads, and elegant poison dart frogs.

  • hands-on, minds-on adventure! Visitors can activate recorded frog calls, view videos of frogs in action, spin a zoetrope, and perform a virtual frog dissection.

  • The frog habitats recreate natural environments in astonishing detail, and state-of-the-art controls provide lighting, humidity, temperature, and water quality to meet the needs of these delicate creatures.

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  • The exhibition explores all aspects of frogs: biology, natural history, their role in human cultures, their importance to ecosystems, and the peril they face in a changing environment.

  • Spectacular close-up photographs by world-renowned wildlife photographers offer a glimpse of the vast pallet of frog diversity.

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