‘Pretty horrible:’ Police say man stole $7,400 in donations for ‘sick’ son who was perfectly healthy

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DANVILLE, Pa. -- State police said a Pennsylvania father made up a story about his son being seriously ill to steal thousands of dollars.

Court papers show Chris Shultz stole $7,400 from donors. He told them he was behind on medical bills for his sick infant son, but health records show his son was perfectly healthy.

Police said Schultz told people he could use the money because his son needed a liver transplant and chemotherapy.

People who knew Shultz said it’s sad he had to go to that length for money.

“I'm very surprised, because he comes from a nice family that I've known for a lot of years,” a neighbor said.

Police said Shultz, a woman and a young child went to homes in Spring Township and Union Township in Synder County, Pennsylvania to ask for the money. They said Shultz targeted homes where he used to deliver milk. Police said the woman would start crying as the conversation turned towards money issues and then Shultz would ask for money to pay for their son’s medical bills.

“It's just really immoral. I wouldn't think that would be something in central Pennsylvania that would happen. I guess times are changing and people need to be very aware of those kinds of scams going on,” said Eric Wolf, neighbor.

A search warrant for health records showed Shultz’s son did not need a liver transplant or chemotherapy and, in fact, was healthy.

“It's pretty horrible. I can't imagine needing to do that. I can't imagine why you'd go to that extreme,” said Adam Edwards, neighbor.

WNEP tried reaching out to some of the people Shultz scammed, but did not hear back.

Shultz is now facing a felony theft charge.

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