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‘How?’ Father demands answers after driver hit his daughters at Tampa bus stop

TAMPA, Fla. — Five children and two parents are healing after a driver slammed into them at a Tampa bus stop.

It happened Thursday morning, Nov. 1 by East Bougainvillea and Marvy Avenue. Families impacted by this horrific incident said they’re astonished the driver has not been charged. Authorities said the investigation is still ongoing. Detectives collected surveillance video from a church at the intersection.

Meanwhile, Edin Galindo, a father of four girls, said he’s left with anguish and questions.

“How?” asked Galindo. “What must you be thinking to run your car over them? A crowd of children? They’re innocent kids.”

His daughters, 12-year-old Perla Galindo and her 6-year-old sister, Allinson Galindo were hospitalized, with Galindo only going home for a quick shower and to change before heading back to be by their side. He said the nightmare started with a call no parent should get.

“She [Perla] told me a car hit her and that Allinson was laying on the street. Not moving,” he said.

Galindo showed a picture of Perla, with tire marks across her school uniform. The girls’ grandfather, Gregorio Velasco, received the same call and said he got to the bus stop before paramedics. He said what he saw haunts him.

“Bodies. Kids spread all over the street. People bleeding, shoes, backpacks,” he described.

It’s the condition of 6-year-old Allinson that has this family concerned.

“Her arms are broken. Part of her back. A lung is ruptured,” said Galindo.

The 6-year-old has had at least three surgeries. While doctors work to heal her body, answers are what will heal her family.

“Somebody is to blame here and we want to find out,” said Velasco.

At this time, detectives do not believe that the driver crashed into the group on purpose, or that he was impaired. They’re also not sure whether speed played a role in the crash.

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