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Poll: Before or after Thanksgiving? How early is too early to decorate for the holidays? πŸŽ„

MILWAUKEE -- Just as soon as the Halloween decorations were packed away, it seems some were digging out the Christmas decorations, weeks before Thanksgiving. It begs the question: How early is too early to decorate for the holidays?

"I think it's a personal preference. It's never too early to start planning for Christmas. Spread out their budget a little over a couple months, opposed to all at one time," said Tami Bailey, Milwaukee Holiday Boutique.

It seems there are two types of people -- those who cannot wait to get the Christmas tree up, and those who think we should at least wait until after Thanksgiving.

"Just ease into it a little bit. Right after you see Halloween, then it automatically goes right into Christmas trees. I feel like we should give Thanksgiving its just dues," said Jamie Beckett.

"It's never to early to get ready for the holidays! I love Christmas, so I want to enjoy it for as long as I can," said Linda Conglio.

Where do you stand? Do your Christmas decorations go up before or after Thanksgiving? We invite you to vote in our poll: