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3 arrested in beating of 78-year-old man outside Mexican restaurant for seemingly no reason

LAS VEGAS -- Police arrested three men in connection with the brutal beating of a 78-year-old man in Las Vegas.

The disturbing surveillance video shows the group of suspects violently attacking the 78-year-old man as he was getting out of his car to eat at a Mexican restaurant. The video shows the suspects punching the victim as they stole his car keys and other belongings.

Nearby restaurant workers said they yelled at the thieves and scared them off.

The 78-year-old man suffered fractures around his eyes.

Police said the beating happened for seemingly no reason.

"This man provided no resistance, and yet, the suspects savagely beat him, took his car keys, took his cellphone -- and even after they retrieved all that, they went back and beat him some more," said Captain Laz Chavez, with the Las Vegas Police Department.

Again -- police said three arrests were made, and they were waiting for the victim to identify those suspects as the men who committed the crime.

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