“Healthy holiday plans” to help you stay fit this winter

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MILWAUKEE — The winter holidays will be here before you can say, “Please pass the turkey.” As we visit with family and friends, it’s easy to forget about those routines that keep us focused on our health and fitness. Nathan Fricke from AT&T stopped by the FOX6 studios to share some helpful on how avoid the pitfalls of the food binge this holiday season.

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"So, what is the first thing many people do on January 1 of each new year?" asks Fricke. "We make a New Year’s resolution to shed the extra weight and get in shape."

It's hard not to wonder how much of that resolution is needed just because we ignored our healthiest habits in the last 6 weeks of the year. Be prepared before the first course is served instead of waiting until the morning of January 1 to come up with one more New Year's resolution to shed extra weight and get in better shape.

You may want to consider creating a healthy holiday plan now – with a goal! - so you can skip the resolution at the beginning of the year.

  • There’s no better time than now. Don’t procrastinate.
  • Be specific, clear and simple. Think ahead of time what your plan will include and exclude. Don’t just wander into an overeating situation and surrender to it. Keep in mind that you’ll feel better starting off the new year on the right foot.
  • Whether your plan is just for you or your whole family, it gives you the guardrails to keep you on track when temptation arises - when you may very likely need it most.

If you plan to travel for the holidays, travel with smart snacks.

  • The eating on-the-go that comes along with travel makes it hard to maintain control of food choices.
  • Travel days pose other challenges to healthy eating by throwing off meal times and limiting good food options.
  • Bring along snacks that are both satisfying and convenient like protein-packed beef jerky, single pouches of tuna and string cheese and high-fiber plant-based foods like fresh fruit, banana chips, nuts, seeds, and roasted chickpea snacks.

Refrain from using excuses.

  • Whether it’s the difficulty of limiting holiday indulgences or not wanting to disappoint your host by saying no to second portions, excuses abound and cause deviation from the best of plans.
  • We know change is not easy, but we also know the sooner you decide to drop the ambiguity, the sooner you’ll start to realize your goal of better nutrition for health.

Enlist a partner in your plan.

  • Ask a family member or friend to join you in your healthy eating and fitness plan.
  • With a partner, you can encourage each other to stay consistent and committed.
  • Set mutual limits on quantity of food and alcohol consumption.

Move more.

  • Build in some mutual activity/exercise time or competition.
  • Use technology - reintroduce yourself to your trackers and wearable devices.
  • Use a couple of good trackers and headphones.

Make a plan, set a goal, travel with healthy snacks, stop making excuses, enlist a partner, and get moving with the help of technology.

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