‘I love the dogs:’ Generous $30K donation helps MPD add K-9 Gilly to the force 🐕🐾👮

K-9 Gilly

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Police Department has added a new member to its law enforcement team. Thanks to a generous donation from a citizen, K-9 Gilly has joined the force.

Milwaukee police said Wednesday, Nov. 14 Gilly started working on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. He is 15 months old and cost $14,000, including his training. Barbara Gilman donated $30,000, which covered Gilly's cost and then some.

"It just makes me sing. I love these guys and I love the dogs, and Gilly's so handsome!" said Gilman.

Gilman made the donation to the MPD K-9 Foundation after learning of a dog who passed away.

"Three are looking to retire soon. We have three dogs that are up in age," said Robert Zenoni, president of the MPD K-9 Foundation.

The foundation helped coordinate the donation and got Gilly into town.

Officer Michael Wawrzyniakowski

Officer Michael Wawrzyniakowski is his handler.

"I went down to North Carolina for three weeks of training, where I was immediately basically given the reigns of Gilly," said Officer Wawrzyniakowski.

Gilly will live with Officer Wawrzyniakowski and his family through retirement, while maintaining intense training.

"We support whomever needs us, whenever they need us. They're trained for one purpose and they're very good at it," said Officer Wawrzyniakowski.

Barbara Gilman

Gilly will be a big help, but the department is still looking to add more dogs. Gilman's $30,000 donation was a great help. She's known for her years of support for the Door County Humane Society.

"I've always been nuts about animals," said Gilman.

Thanks to Gilman's generous donation, Gilly is ready to take a bite out of crime.

The MPD K-9 Foundation is a nonprofit. If you would like to make a donation, it would be tax deductible.