Police union president Mike Crivello retiring from MPD, Milwaukee Police Association

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MILWAUKEE — The president of the Milwaukee Police Association is retiring. Mike Crivello announced on Thursday, Nov. 15 that he is retiring from the Milwaukee Police Department — as well as the head of the Milwaukee police union.

In a statement, Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said the following:

“I want to publicly recognize and thank Mike Crivello for his service as a police officer and for his leadership as President of the Milwaukee Police Association.

“In my years as an alderman I have worked with three heads of the Milwaukee Police Association: Brad DeBraska, John Balcerzak and Mike Crivello. I got along well with all three but I worked most closely with Mike and he became a good friend.

“I want to thank Mike for his commitment to Milwaukee and to his fellow police officers. He always exuded integrity, honesty and a sense of fair play, and if you were an officer in need of support, advice, and counsel, Mike was 110% in your corner and you welcomed his presence.

“I wish Mike well in his future work with the International Police Association and I hope for nothing but the best for Mike and his wife and family in the future. Mike will be sorely missed back home in Milwaukee.”

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