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Co-workers unite to gift Ford F-150 to man who rode bicycle to work every day

Rodney Decatur

BAY CITY, Mich. —  A Michigan man who rode his bicycle to work every day at Lucky’s Steakhouse fell on hard times with winter fast approaching — so his co-workers came together to help him.

For six months, Rodney Decatur has washed the dishes at Lucky’s Steakhouse in Bay City, Michigan. He’s a dedicated employee , well known for riding his bike to work.

“On a bicycle, I learned how to pedal rapidly, about 18 to 20 minutes. I’ve been doing pretty well,” Decatur said.

Pretty well indeed, until the weather started to take a turn and then his dog became terminally ill. Without a vehicle, Decatur’s problems were starting to stack up like the dishes he cleans every week — until his manager drove him home one night.

“He was telling me about what was going on in his life and it just made me realize that other people complain about the silly things, and he’s just doing what he’s got to do to take care of himself and his dog,” said Keri, Decatur’s manager.

She gathered the rest of her staff and with the help of several donations, they traded in Decatur’s old wheels for a set of new ones — a Ford F-150.

Decatur said it’s a moment he’ll never forget.

“No idea whatsoever that they had premeditated any of it,” Decatur said. “Here, they’re just one-of-a-kind. They’re like family here. They treat me golden.”

His co-workers also gave him a gift card for gas and to buy other items for his truck.

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