‘So beyond grateful:’ Family watched surveillance cameras as firefighters rushed to save their home

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OAK PARK, Calif. — A grateful family is hoping for a chance to thank the firefighters who saved their home from the flames of the Woolsey Fire burning in California, as the homeowners watched via surveillance cameras.

Courtney McClain said her Ring home security camera alerted her of activity as she and her family were fleeing their endangered neighborhood. She saw flames fast approaching her house in the footage.

“My sister and I are crying. We were expecting to watch our house goes up in flames,” she said. “Right then, there’s my hero of my life running in, saving my house, spraying down my yard…saving our property.”

She said she has no idea as to the identity of her family’s hero.

“I do not know who he is. I would love to know who he is and thank him, and everybody he worked with who saved our neighbors’ houses and our cul-de-sac,” McClain said. “I’m just so beyond grateful for all their hard work and everything they’ve done.”

The nearly 100,000-acre Woolsey Fire was 84 percent contained as of Saturday night. It had claimed three lives and destroyed more than 1,000 structures.

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