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‘I’m just lucky:’ 9-year-old girl speaks out after she was shot multiple times in her own home

LAS VEGAS —  A 9-year-old girl is speaking out after she and her 15-year-old brother were shot multiple times inside their Las Vegas home.

“I’m just lucky,” said Makenzie. “I was screaming and I felt the pain.”

Before bullets went flying through the front door of the home near Decatur and Cheyenne Avenue, Makenzie said she was up waiting for her dad to come home when she heard the doorbell ring.

She ran to the door, thinking it was him.

“After I opened it, it looked like someone else and I was like ‘that’s not my dad,'” said Makenzie.

Home surveillance cameras captured the moments the shooters fired into the home around 2 a.m. Makenzie and her 15-year-old brother were both inside –caught in the crossfire. Makenzie was shot a total of three times. She was in the ICU in the days following, awaiting surgery.

While she was recovering, she said her mind was selflessly only focused on her family.

“I was worrying about my brother mostly, and I was wanting my dad because he said nothing would happen to me as long as I was with them,” said Makenzie.

Her family said her survival is nothing short of a miracle.

With the shooters still at large, Makenzie said she just wants to know why someone would risk taking her life or her brother’s away.

“I would say, you know, ‘you shot a 9-year-old. Why would you even do it, you know? There’s consequences,’ and I’m sure he knows what they are,” said Makenzie.

Police said it happened around 2 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17.

According to police, an investigation revealed a white four-door sedan (possibly a Dodge Dart), pulled up to the home and two men exited while the driver stayed in the vehicle.

Police said one of the suspects fired several rounds into the house through the front door, and Makenzie was struck multiple times, while her brother was struck once.

Investigators don’t believe this was a random act of violence. They believe the people inside the house were targeted. Police said it is believed the suspects and victims are possibly known to each other.

Meanwhile, a account has been created to raise money for Makenzie’s medical expenses.

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