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‘Put 2 bullets into the pit bull’s brain:’ Man accused of shooting, killing neighbor’s caged dog

Andrew Evans

MESA, Ariz. — An Arizona man is accused of shooting and killing his neighbor’s dog.

Andrew Evans, 63, was arrested Sunday, Nov. 25. He faces charges of killing an animal, disorderly conduct and burglary.

Police said the conflict started when Evans’ dog, a chihuahua, went into the victim’s yard Sunday, and confronted his dog, a pit bull. According to Mesa police, Evans said the larger pit bull went after his chihuahua and bit it, causing severe injuries to the smaller dog.

The suspect also claimed that he was bitten by the pit bull. However, police said he didn’t appear to have any serious injuries.

Evans took his chihuahua to the vet and claimed the bill was $8,000.

While Evans was at the vet, police said the owner of the pit bull had agreed to watch over a garage sale that the suspect was holding that day. When Evans returned from the vet, Mesa police said he went inside the home of the pit bull’s owner, and shot and killed the dog.

According to the police report, Evans shot “the victim’s dog twice in the head while the dog was secured in a cage within the residence.” Police said Evans then buried the dog in the desert.

Evans admitted to police that he “entered the victim’s residence with the intent to shoot, kill the victim’s dog, due to the victim’s larger dog attacking the defendant’s small dog.”

According to the police report, Evans made this admission about the incident:

“I took my 9 mm Glock and put two bullets into the pit bull’s brain. The pit bull was in a cage. I then took the pit bull and cage and buried it in the desert.”

He also stated “he double tapped the pit bull while it was in the neighbor’s residence.”

Police said Evans also stated “what he did was worth it.”

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