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City Champs Foundation brings the excitement of martial arts to Milwaukee-area youth

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MILWAUKEE — In a perfect world, all kids would have access to activities that enrich their lives through fitness education.

City Champs Foundation understands that not every child is afforded the same opportunities as others, and they’ve come up with a solution to give back to the community and help kids. The organization provides free martial arts lessons to kids in the Milwaukee area.

On Saturday, Dec. 8, City Champs Foundation is hosting Breakfast with Santa at South Division High School. It’s a kickoff event for their 2019 season, and interested participants can sign up for a community gym partnership with help from Sixteenth Street Community Health Center.

About City Champs Foundation (website)

City Champs is working to give kids a fighting chance. City Champs finds troubled youth with a desire to learn martial arts, but can’t afford it. Scholarships are provided for those who meet program requirements of grades, respect and learning. Expose them to higher levels of thinking. Plant seeds of productive knowledge. Guide them to positive beliefs and values.

What’s the result? Think fundamental human nature: Individual beliefs guide decisions and actions. Beliefs come from knowledge and experiences one encounters in life. Decisions and actions produce the outcomes of everything in a person’s life. When those outcomes are improved, the whole community benefits.

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